Frequently asked questions

Q: What guidelines do i need to follow when downloading textures?
A: There are several things you need to take into consideration:
  • Only download 1 texture at a time. Bandwith is limited and needs to be shared amongst all users.
  • Only download what you need at the time, mass downloading entire library or sections for creating your own personal library is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent ban. You are welcome to return and get more textures whenever you want.
  • If you try to somehow cheat the daily download limit, it will be detected and will result in permanent ban.
Q: How can i support
A: You can support us by spreading the word about us any way you can. Tell about us your friends at work, your online friends, submit us to any social website you may use. Any kind of wordspreading is trully apreciated.

Q: Are all the textures free to use?
A: Yes, all the textures are free to use in any kind of computer graphics, games, printed material, movies, website design and 3D models.

However there is no permission granted for any kind of selling, redistributing and scrapbooking of images in original or any kind of modified state.

Q: Is it requiered to add link to this website or add credits when i use these textures?
A: Its not requiered, but credits or links are allways appreciated.

Q: May i post these textures on my website?
A: Redistribution of images is not allowed. This includes reposting of images on any other site then

Q: May i create a pack of your textures and redistribute it?
A: No. Any kind of redistribution of images is prohibited.

Q: Do these textures fall under an Open Source license?
A: No. These textures fall under license.

Q: May i use these textures in my Open Source project?
A: No. Open source licenses and license are not compatible. Most open source licenses allow redistribution of materials and we do not.

Q: Is mass downloading allowed (downloading entire website at once)?
A: No, it is strictly prohibitet. Any kind of attempt to mass download the site will result in permanent ban of your IP.

Q: Is it possible to contribute my own textures?
A: No. Atm we are not looking for contributors. This may change in the near future.

Q: What format are textures in?
A: All textures are in .jpg format.
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